Balance Training

Balance training can play a vital role in injury prevention and rehabilitation. A power training device designed to improve agility, motor control and reaction time, is highly effective at both, which is why it has been an essential part of many sports and therapy programs for decades. Designed to help treat various balance anomalies and provide tangible benefits in orthopedic and neurosensory rehabilitation. The device is particularly efficient at addressing injuries to the lower limb, especially to the knee and ankle, which are frequently sustained as a result of poor balance. Without proper balance training, athletes can easily get injured if they slip and fall while changing direction or landing, and injuries can easily lead to re-injuries if, for instance, an athlete’s ACL disturbs the joint’s recovery time. Knee injuries affect the joint’s ability to quickly and accurately assess its position in space and the extra recovery time, resulting from incomplete rehabilitation, is a serious risk factor associated with repeated lower limb injuries.