Anodyne® Therapy

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Anodyne® Therapy
The Anodyne® Therapy System is an FDA-approved infrared medical device that increases circulation and decreases pain. The therapy is good for patients with neuropathy, wounds, pain, and any other condition that can be improved with the help of increased circulation.

Several pain studies involving over 1,000 patients have been done using Anodyne® Therapy.

The first study examined 784 patients with chronic pain unresponsive to ultrasound, electrical stimulation, hot packs and pharmacologic interventions. Nearly 89% of the patients had excellent to total pain relief within twelve 45-minute Anodyne® Therapy sessions

Extensive Examination:
The second study surveyed 252 patients with diabetes who had experienced chronic foot and leg pain. After receiving Anodyne® Therapy, 97% reported substantial reductions in their foot and leg pain.

Anodyne® Therapy can also help individuals reduce their falls and fear of falling. Several studies have documented that the Anodyne® program can improve balance, Tinetti Gait and Balance Scores, fear of falling and actual fall rates. Since falls are one of the leading causes of injury in the elderly, this can help individuals get back to functional levels never thought possible. Data presented at the 2003 American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting demonstrated a 96% reduction in falls in patients with loss of protective sensation after receiving Anodyne’s recommended comprehensive neuropathy therapy protocol.

In a survey of 252 diabetic patients who had received a comprehensive therapy protocol that included Anodyne® Therapy, 78% reported reduction in the number of falls and 80% reported a reduced fear of falling. More importantly, 72% reported they were able to increase their activities, which improved their quality of life.

What can be expected from the Anodyne® Therapy program?

Most patients say that Anodyne® Therapy feels warm and soothing. Others say they feel some tingling and pulsing, which is normal as blood flow returns. Some patients respond very quickly, while others take longer based on the degree of impairment. Our therapists will work with each patient as long as they are willing to work on their functional limitations and are showing progress toward their goals.

source: PRN Home Health Hospice